SDEverywhere translates System Dynamics models from Vensim to C, JavaScript, and WebAssembly

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SDEverywhere is a collection of libraries and command line tools that help you improve the quality and expand the reach of a System Dynamics model.

At its core, SDEverywhere includes a toolchain to efficiently transform a model into C, JavaScript, and WebAssembly code. Additionally, SDEverywhere allows for unit testing, continuous integration, and the ability to compare model runs.

Using SDEverywhere, you can deploy interactive System Dynamics models on mobile, desktop, and the web for policymakers and the public. Or you could perform model analysis using general-purpose languages, running the model as high-performance JavaScript or C code.

If you're looking for a relatively simple way to put a Vensim model on the web, SDEverywhere can help you there. SDEverywhere includes a build and configuration system that allows for defining graphs and sliders simply by editing text configuration files. SDEverywhere also includes project templates that — in a matter of minutes — can transform your Vensim model into a working web app that can be hosted on any server.

For examples of SDEverywhere in production, check out Climate Interactive's En-ROADS and C-ROADS simulators, as well as Energy Innovation's Energy Policy Simulator. You can also run SDEverywhere in the cloud at sdCloud.

SDEverywhere is released under the MIT License and the source code is available on GitHub.